Artistic Prodigy Creates a Masterful Painting of Jesus at Just 8 Years Old

Artistic Prodigy Creates a Masterful Painting of Jesus at Just 8 Years Old

Among all the millions of depictions of Jesus Christ, not one can attest to being the true likeness of the Christian Messiah. All of them have been portrayals of what they believe he looks like. Seeing as all we have are descriptions in the bible, it is up to the artist’s imagination to think up what he looked like. However, a young artist named Akiane Kramarik has claimed she saw Jesus’s true face in her dreams. As a means to show this to the world, she painted it. Now, her remarkable painting has gone viral. Many people are in awe of her work. Now, many years later she is praised as an accomplished artist.

Akiane Kramarik Painted “Prince of Peace,” at eight-Years-Old

A young girl from Idaho grew up in a non-religious family. Reportedly, her parents had not brought up the concept of God, or Jesus Christ, much. So, her parents were surprised when she painted a painting of a man she claimed was none other than Jesus. However, she was adamant that she had recurring visions in her dreams, during which she heard God’s voice. “For many years a blurry image of the Prince of Peace appeared to me in my dreams and visions,” said Akiane. “Only after a mysterious carpenter came knocking on our door one afternoon that I knew it was the right time to paint the story of hope.”

Oprah Winfrey had the young artist, Arkiane, on her show, during which her mother confirmed that they did not raise her religiously. She said that they had home-schooled their daughter, and she had minimal influence from the outside world. “We were with the kids all the time, and so these words from Akiane about God didn’t come from the outside–we knew that,” said Akiane’s mother. “But there suddenly were intense conversations about God’s love, His place [in our lives], and she would describe everything in detail.”

Akiane Kramarik Searched For the Right Model

At first, she attempted to write about Jesus’s appearance. But, this proved too complex. She knew that she would have to resort to painting him. But, she would need a model to use as a reference. So one day, she asked them to pray all day for a look-alike worthy of her work. Regardless of her parents’ non-religious background. “I always think about Jesus and talk about Him,” said Akiane. “I was looking for a [Jesus] model for a long, long time, and when I couldn’t find anyone, one day I suggested to my family to pray all day for this model so God would send the right one.”

Then as miracles would have it, a carpenter rocked up at their door. Akiane was mesmerized at how similar he looked to the man she saw in her dreams and knew she had found her model. “I told my mother that that was him,” she reflected. “I want him to be my model.

Many people who saw her painting were appalled. They thought her determined attitude that her painting was the true likeness of Jesus Christ was blasphemous. Some even suggested burning the work of art.

Mistaken and Deceived

Her parents wished for their talented young daughter’s work to be praised internationally. So, they sent it off to an art exhibition, and it was stolen in the process. After a struggle, they managed to get the painting back. But, as it was returned, the shipment process caused serious damage to Akiane Kramarik’s “Prince of Peace.”

Yet, their battle was far from over. The family remained determined to ensure that the world appreciated Akiane Kramarik's depiction of the "Prince of Peace." Another attempt to exhibit the painting encountered a clerical error that inadvertently led to its sale. This marked the commencement of yet another legal endeavor to reclaim the artwork. Throughout this challenging journey, the painting remained stored in a dim stairwell. Akiane, however, never relinquished her hope of reuniting with her creation.

"Prince of Peace"

Reunited at Last In the intervening years, Akiane continued her artistic pursuits, painting numerous other masterpieces and embarking on journeys to 30 different countries to promote peace. She also imparted art classes, all of which garnered international acclaim. Her efforts managed to elevate her family from poverty. Fortuitously, she produced prints of her original "Prince of Peace."

After nearly two decades of separation, her beloved painting was finally returned to her. Her family purportedly sold it to a prestigious family who saw themselves as its custodians. Reportedly, they paid $850,000 for the masterpiece. Overwhelmed by this turn of events, Akiane remarked, "It was amazing to me. To be able to see this into the light again, after so many years."


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