A Newly Married Couple Are In Bed

A Newly Married Couple Are In Bed

In the cozy confines of their new marital bond, a couple lay nestled beneath the covers. A query, delicate yet laden with curiosity, escapes the man's lips, seeking to unveil a realm of intimacy. "Dearest," he inquires, "could you share how many souls your heart has embraced before me?"

The woman, caught in a contemplative reverie, offers no immediate response to his query, leaving the air still and hushed. Undeterred by her initial silence, the man endeavors once more, his tone a blend of reassurance and intrigue. "Please, my love, let me into that sanctum of your past. How many lives have you known?"

Yet, her silence persists, a serene gaze fixed upon the expanse above, as if seeking answers in the celestial canvas. A sigh of regret escapes his lips, laden with the awareness that his words may have stirred an unintended tempest.

"Forgive me," his voice tenderly drifts, tinged with a shade of remorse. "I never meant to cast shadows upon the light between us. My wish was to fortify the bond that anchors our souls."

Yet, the stillness continues, a profound quietude that envelopes the room, as if holding secrets that even words dare not utter. With a final, heartfelt surrender, he relinquishes his quest, a faint smile gracing his lips. "Fear not, my dear. Your silence speaks volumes, and I shall honor it."

As if drawn by an invisible thread, the man's arms enfold her, cradling her in a tender embrace, while his lips tenderly graze her skin, murmuring assurances of his enduring love.

In this tender interlude, the woman, as if emerging from a distant realm, returns her gaze from the celestial contemplation. Her eyes, once cast heavenward, now fix upon his countenance, a flicker of emotion dancing in their depths. With a mix of exasperation and playful reproach, she finally breaks her silence.

"Oh, you mischievous soul," her voice, a delightful blend of vexation and amusement, chimes forth. "You've managed to confound even the tally of my heart's journey. Amidst your sweet affections, the count eludes me!"

And in this moment, the cocoon of their shared laughter reverberates through the room, a melody of love entwined with mirth, a testament to the richness of their union.

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