A Man Will Never Forget You If You Do This When Kissing Him

A Man Will Never Forget You If You Do This When Kissing Him

Being a good kisser is a very important trait to have. If you’re good, then it makes keeping him attracted even easier.

1. A kiss on the cheek

A kiss on this position can show support, friendship and attraction. A short peck can demonstrate friendship and support, but to show your sweetheart your attraction, give him a soft and lingering smooth on their cheek. Feeling soft lips brush against your check is a wonderfully simple way to show your love.

These are some of the most tender kisses you can give and receive, especially if they are done quietly — a surprise smooch on the cheek speaks volumes about your love.

2. A lingering kiss

This kiss usually only lasts a few seconds, but it’s so important to the strength of your relationship. The key is to surprise your darling with a lingering kiss. When he gives you a peck before work, pull him in closer to make the peck last just a few seconds longer. You’ll be sure to knock him off his feet.

To married couples, this kissing technique is particularly important . Sometimes kissing can become routine; kisses that used to be long and lingering are now short and habitual. Get in the habit of kissing each other for at least 15 seconds every day. These short seconds will tell your darling you love them without using any words.

3. A hug and a kiss

It can be a kiss on the cheek, the forehead, a small kiss or a passionate kiss. No matter what type of kiss you give, remember to accompany it with a hug. Remember to hug with strength and intensity so you can convey your feelings and emotions. This hug and kiss combination is perfect for any occasion.

Remember how important a kiss can be for your relationships. Take your time and give your partner the intensity and love they deserve in each smooch. This way you’ll be able to show your sweetheart exactly how you feel which will strengthen your relationship.

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