A man and his wife check into a hotel

A man and his wife check into a hotel

A husband and his wife arrive at a hotel for their stay. Eager to enjoy a drink at the bar, the husband heads downstairs, while the wife, utterly exhausted, opts to head straight to their room for some rest. As she settles onto the bed, an unexpected occurrence startles her – a passing elevated train rattles the room with such force that she is thrown from the bed.

Baffled but attributing it to a bizarre coincidence, she gathers herself and attempts to lie down again. However, the room is jolted once more as another train barrels past, sending her crashing to the floor.

Growing increasingly frustrated, she reaches out to the front desk, urgently requesting the presence of the manager. Swiftly, the manager arrives, a hint of skepticism on his face, as the wife recounts her tale. Determined to prove her point, she encourages him to experience the phenomenon firsthand by lying down on the bed.

While the manager hesitates, he eventually reclines next to the wife, just as the husband unexpectedly enters the room. Astonished by the scene before him, the husband demands an explanation, to which the manager coolly responds, "Would you believe I'm simply waiting for a train?"

In this comical tale, the unexpected takes center stage, weaving a humorous narrative of peculiar events and a perfectly timed punchline.

Source: https://funnnyfunny.com

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