A blonde and her car

A blonde and her car

She contacted her friend seeking advice, and her friend inquired about the mileage on her car. "It's at 235,000 miles," she replied.

Her friend pointed out that this might be the root of her problem. However, her friend had a suggestion – her brother, a mechanic, could easily adjust the mileage to whatever she desired. Acting on this advice, the woman visited the mechanic and requested that he reset the mileage to 25,000. Two days later, her friend asked if she had managed to sell the car after her brother's mileage adjustment. With a smirk, the woman responded, "Why would I sell the car when it's only showing 25,000 miles on the clock?"

Another Side-Splitting Joke:
Attempting to Flirt with a Flight Attendant
In an airport lounge, a man finds himself alone. Just then, a striking young woman enters and takes a seat at the adjacent table. The man, noticing her uniform, assumes she's an off-duty Flight Attendant. Determined to impress her, he tries to strike up a conversation by correctly identifying the airline she works for.

Leaning toward her, he confidently asks, "Is the British Airways motto, 'To fly, to serve'?"
The young woman gazes at him, clearly puzzled.
Undeterred, he tries another approach, leaning in again and offering the Air France motto, "Winning the hearts of the world"?
Once more, she gives him a bemused look.
Undaunted by her reactions, he attempts another tactic, this time mentioning the Malaysian Airlines motto. "Going beyond expectations"?
With a stern expression, the woman retorts, "What the heck do you want?"
Proudly, he exclaims, "Ah-ha!... United Airlines."

Source: https://daily-faith.com

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