A 25-Year Old Woman from Bulgaria Undergoes More than 27 Procedures to Have the Biggest Lips on Earth

A 25-Year Old Woman from Bulgaria Undergoes More than 27 Procedures to Have the Biggest Lips on Earth

This planet is so wonderful because of everyone’s unique beauty.

The medical field today has the capability to transform a person into a completely new look in just a few sessions of surgeries, but there are some people who are not happy with the results. We all know that there's no such thing as "perfection."

Some people are just fine with a subtle touch of aesthetics, while others are willing to take the risks just to achieve the looks they desire the most.

Take, for example, a 25-year-old woman from Sofia, Bulgaria, named Andrea Ivanova, who is obsessed with having the world's biggest lips ever.

Through Hyaluronic acid and lip injections, her lips became huge. Having the biggest lips in the world is her ultimate goal in life, and according to her, she is almost there. She went through 27 sessions, and her lips were four times bigger than a normal lip.

Andrea said, "I like my lips now, and it is much better than before." Each injection is worth more than $150, and she spent more than $5000 in total to have beautiful lips.

Despite the result, Andrea was still not satisfied and strives for more, even though the doctors do not recommend it.

According to her, she believes that she now has the "biggest lips on the planet," but her name cannot be found in the world record book.

She claims to receive different offers from men all over the world through social media.

Some of Andrea’s followers on social media claim that she has the biggest lips on earth. The young lady feels happy with her big lips and is proud of her new look that she desired the most.

In her Instagram post, she said, "Aside from having the biggest lips on earth, I want to have the world's biggest cheekbones too.

I already had four hyaluronic acid injections on my cheekbones, and there will be two more injections within the week." After that, I need to refrain from putting strong pressure on my face to facilitate the healing process. My goal is to make them as huge as they can be, but I like having bigger lips. I will undergo more injections on both cheekbones and lips to make them bigger," said the surgery fanatic.

Because of her obsession with cosmetic surgery, Andrea had 34 injections already just to improve her looks, especially her lips.

She really thinks that her lips are beautiful, but she's still not satisfied. She wants more because she believes there's still much room for improvement, even though she has difficulty in eating after surgery.

"Some doctors think I've had enough, but my doctor told me that he will do more injections for me as long as I wait for a couple of months," says the young lady in her social media post.

Andrea knows that she must take the risks to be included in the world record book. Her big lips attract attention, both from those who dislike it and from trolls on social media. Some people make rude comments about her, but she believes that everyone has the right to change their looks as long as they want to.

"Everyone should look the way they want to be. That's what I believe."

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