9 Signs Your Man Misses You Badly Whenever You’re Not Around Wishes You Were With Him

9 Signs Your Man Misses You Badly Whenever You’re Not Around Wishes You Were With Him

1. He’s always trying to come into contact with you whenever you’re not together.

This is mostly because he just wants to talk to you. He wants to know what you’re up to and he wants to feel like he’s involved. All of those can help bring him some ease and make him feel better about not being by your side.

2. He always low key tries to set plans to meet up with you.

The more a guy likes you and misses you, the more organized he is in locking down plans to see you. You’re not an afterthought, you are a priority. The more he wants to spend time with you, the more he will plan ahead.

3. He calls when he normally hates talking on the phone

If you’re getting a call from your man and you know how much he doesn’t like talking on the phone, it’s a big sign he misses you. He just wants to hear your voice.

4. He replies straight away

Every man who likes you will be fairly prompt with their replies. They won’t keep you hanging. You’ll always hear back from them asap. And if it does take a while, he’ll probably offer you an explanation over the delay.

5. Tags you on social media

If he tags you in memes and posts he thinks you’re interested in, he misses you. This shows you are always on his mind even when he is mindlessly scrolling.

6. Whatever time the two of you do manage to spend together, he really does his best to stretch it.

If he’s just rambling on and on about stuff that’s normally pointless to both of you, he misses you. He’ll do this because he wants to keep the conversation going. He wants to talk to you.

7. He sends you pointless messages

He get in contact without necessarily having anything to say or any real point to it. He might send you funny memes that he’s seen, interesting articles that he’s read, or anything he feels like sharing with you. Clearly, it’s because you are in the forefront of his mind.

8. He says things like “saw this and thought of you”

If he reaches out and says things like “this reminded me of you” it’s obvious that he misses you. Things around him bring you to mind. If he sees something cool, he thinks of you. If he reads something good, he shares it with you.This is a subtle sign of true affection.

9. Drunk texts and calls

The drunk mouth is the sober mind. Usually, when a guy drunk texts you in general, it means you’re on his mind quite a bit. He’s taking time away from their friends and drinks to show you how much he’s thinking about you.

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