8 Things No One Tells You About Cheating On Your Partner

8 Things No One Tells You About Cheating On Your Partner

By now, we all understand what cheating entails, and perhaps some of us have experienced being cheated on or even been the one who cheated. While from an outsider's perspective, cheating might seem straightforward, the reality runs much deeper when you're entangled in a situation involving infidelity.

Choosing to cheat on your partner brings about profound changes. It's not a mere 'mistake' that can be easily brushed aside. The fact remains that once the act is committed, it becomes an indelible reality. No amount of concealment, lies, or denial can alter the fundamental truth. I don't state this to pass judgment but to convey the unvarnished facts. Regrettably, most cheaters don't fully contemplate the consequences of their actions. Below, I will elucidate 8 aspects of cheating that often go unmentioned.

1. Your partner will likely leave you.

While not everyone abandons their partner due to infidelity, most eventually do. Even the most compassionate individuals who believe in forgiveness and reconciliation struggle with this. More often than not, a cheater's partner ends up walking away.

2. If they don’t leave you, the trust is destroyed.

For those who opt to stay, rebuilding trust is a daunting journey. Even if they believe they can 'move past it,' rest assured, moving on isn't a simple feat. In some instances, it might take years to fully mend the breach.

3. Even if your partner forgives you, you will struggle to forgive yourself.

In cases where your partner extends forgiveness, you'll find it arduous to forgive yourself. This rings particularly true if cheating isn't characteristic of your usual behavior.

4. You will likely do it again.

A significant number of first-time cheaters go on to repeat the offense. While I won't assert this as an absolute rule, cheating usually stems from an aspect of your personality or relationship that necessitates attention. Until addressed, this pattern is prone to resurface.

5. You will feel misaligned with your core values.

Unless you're devoid of conscience, cheating will disrupt your alignment with core values. Essentially, if you inherently abhor cheating yet find yourself succumbing to it, you'll experience a dissonance with your authentic self, leading to inner turmoil.

6. It messes with your head.

Cheating triggers cognitive shifts. The inclination is to restore mental equilibrium, either by discontinuing the behavior or rationalizing it. Opting for rationalization involves rewiring your brain to accommodate cheating as acceptable conduct.

7. You may get more than you bargained for.

Often, even if the initial intent was 'casual' involvement, one or both parties embroiled in the affair may develop deeper feelings. You could find yourself entangled with someone unwilling to detach, or struggle to disentangle yourself emotionally.

8. Consequences.

Casual sex carries ramifications such as potential pregnancy and STDs. Engaging in sexual activity outside your relationship warrants caution; if an unintended pregnancy or an STI arises, the repercussions could have lifelong implications.

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