8 Signs A Man Is ᴜsɪɴɢ You Without You Even Realizing It

8 Signs A Man Is ᴜsɪɴɢ You Without You Even Realizing It

1.He Depends on You Financially

If he expects you to cover his financial obligations, then he is using you for your money. Whenever he has expenses, he always turns to you for support. Whenever the two of you go out, he relies on you to pay the bill. He is treating you like a personal ATM.

2.He Doesn't Care About Your Feelings

This guy doesn't seem to care about your emotions. In short, his concern is for his needs and how he can improve his life.

3.He Doesn't Keep His Promises or Commitments

He doesn't care about how disappointed you would be that he broke his promises to you. He doesn't care about the pain he causes you every time he doesn't keep them. He only acts out of pure convenience.

4.He Openly Flirts with Other Girls

He only wants you for whatever you have to offer him right now. But he also keeps trying to keep his options open in case someone comes along who can offer him something better. He's not really serious about being with you for a long time.

5.He Never Discusses Commitment with You

He's not really interested in committing to you for the long term. He knows that eventually, he won't need anything from you anymore, and that's precisely when he will jump out of your life.

6.He Never Reveals Much About Himself

This guy doesn't want to know who you are. That's because he doesn't feel comfortable doing so, as he knows that nothing serious is going to happen between the two of you. To him, this relationship will be over soon, and he doesn't see any need to invest so much of himself in it.

7.His Friends Claim that Something Is Wrong

First of all, you should not take everything your friends tell you and go with it. In the end, you should make the final decision. However, when you receive their advice, you should give it some thought. Remember that they also have your best interest at heart. So when they tell you that the man you are with may be taking you for a ride, it may be true.

8.In the Bedroom, the Pleasure Is All His, Not Yours

When the two of you become intimate, he doesn't worry about pleasing you. He just focuses on being sexually fulfilled, and once that goal is achieved, he doesn't care what you feel or want.

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