70-Year-Old Widow Posts A Newspaper Ad To Find A Husband

70-Year-Old Widow Posts A Newspaper Ad To Find A Husband

In search of companionship, a 70-year-old widow decided to embark on the journey of marriage once more. To make her intentions known, she crafted a candid advertisement for the local newspaper:

"Seeking Husband! Must be within my age range, compassionate, faithful, and maintain vitality. Interested candidates, kindly present yourselves in person."

The very next day, a knock at the door caught her attention. With a mixture of anticipation and trepidation, she opened the door to find a silver-haired gentleman comfortably seated in a wheelchair. Remarkably, he lacked both arms and legs.

"You aren't seriously proposing yourself, are you?" the widow inquired, her skepticism evident. "Look at you – you're without legs!"

Yet, the elderly man's response was lighthearted and sincere: "Indeed, that's true, which means I can never venture astray."

Her skepticism persisted: "And you lack arms as well!"

Once more, the old gentleman's smile radiated warmth and wisdom: "Precisely, ensuring that I shall never bring harm upon you."

Curiosity piqued, the widow posed a final, pointed question: "Are you still capable of intimacy?"

In response, the old man reclined in his wheelchair, a wide grin adorning his face, and quipped, "Well, my dear, I did ring your doorbell, didn't I?"

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