7 signs that show a woman will be good in bed

7 signs that show a woman will be good in bed

Sometimes, to tell if a woman will be good in bed you can be based on certain observations. Or, more accurately, good in bed with you. You may not always be right, but like so many of The Player’s techniques, observing her body language and ѕєχυαℓ ѕιgиαℓѕ closely will help you at least improve your odds of getting what you’re looking for — a good time.

Ever wonder what a woman will be like in bed before you’ve slept with her? Believe it or not, there are actually plenty of ways to tell.

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1. She Eats Food Sensually

Scientists have shown that there is a correlation between food and sєх. So, if she savours her food slowly and licks her spoon sensually, then it’s a good sign that she’d not only be good in bed but will also last long.

2. She Likes Ice Cream

A lady’s ice cream preference affects her performance in bed. Ladies that prefer vanilla ice cream are very expressive while those who prefer coffee ice cream are wild in bed and also quite dramatic.

3. She Decides What To Eat Quickly

If your date is assertive while choosing what she wants on the menu, then it’s a sign that she knows what she wants and how to ask for it.

4. She is a good kisser

It’s not just using the lips; it’s using the entire body. If she uses her hands on you and presses her breasts into you and мσαиѕ αи∂ gяσαиѕ, she’s going to be a great lover. The best female lovers also create sєхuαl αntícípαtíσn. They start with baby kisses, and then maybe lick your top lip and suck your bottom lip, and as they’re doing that, they play with your hair, or put your hands on them.

5. She Makes Eye Contact

If she makes steady eye contact with you, then it means she’s bold and boldness is an essential part of good intimacy in bed.

6. She’s A Good Dancer

According to research, ladies who can dance are more likely to be good in bed because of the energy and flexibility they put into it.

7. She flirts like a pro

If your girl doesn’t know how to flirt, then she is definitely not good in bed. Flirting is among the easiest ways to spark up emotions and ѕєχυαℓ fєєℓιиgѕ, with the right kind of words, you could almost expect to have a feel of how the bedroom encounter will be. But if she sucks at flirting, she will definitely suck in the bedroom. Flirting is a part of fσяєρℓαу, and we all know how sєх feels without fσяєρℓαу.

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