5 things men do when they have strong romantic feelings for you

5 things men do when they have strong romantic feelings for you

A man can love you without saying it. When a man loves someone and doesn’t say or express it, it can cause confusion and, sometimes, misunderstanding. If you know that a man has feelings for you or loves you, you don’t need to wait for him to say it. Here are six simple ways to know if a man has good feelings for you.

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1. He stares at you a lot.

When a man has a feeling for a lady, he will be looking at her when he gets the chance. This type of look is deep, intense, and full of emotions. If you catch him looking at you, he might smile and smile. Deep inside, he adores you and wants to show you how he feels.

2. He always wants to be close to you.

A man who loves you will do everything possible to be close to you. He might choose to go to your favorite places to see you, be your teammate, sit close to you, and go to the church or mosque where you go. He will always want your presence.

3. He shows you his vulnerable side.

He will treat you as his soul mate, and when you ask questions about him, he won’t hesitate to answer. He will always open up to you.

4. He texts, calls, and chats with you all the time.

He will always find time to communicate with you and know if you’re feeling fine. He checks on you by calling or texting you. Furthermore, he would even call you or chat you up early in the morning to show you that you’re the first thing he thinks about all night and upon waking up. Moreover, if he has good news, you might be the first one that he tells.

5. He tries to make you laugh.

This is because he always wants you to be happy. He will try his best to make you laugh and feel happy. He can send you funny stories and emojis when he’s not with you. And when he’s with you, he would crack a joke with you or take you to comedy shows. This is because if you’re happy, he’s also happy.

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