5 Signs That You’re Not Loved, You Are Being Used

5 Signs That You’re Not Loved, You Are Being Used

5 Signs That You’re Not Loved, You Are Being Used

1. Your partner ignores your feelings

You have a tendency to hide your feelings, because expressing them has no effect on your partner or even worse, has a negative effect. For example, when you tell them that you feel hurt or sad because something they’ve done, they get angry or respond that is all in your head.

2. Your partner calls you only when they need something from you

If you feel that they’re only nice to you when they need a favor, your relationship may be on shaky ground. Not to mention the fact that probably the support is not mutual.

3. Your partner is often unavailable

If your partner finds excuses not to spend time with you, if they are always busy or tired, you might want to reconsider your involvement in the relationship.

4. You haven’t met any of their friends

If you have been in a relationship with this person for a while now but you haven’t met any of their friends, it means they know the relationship is not going to last and that there’s no point in introducing you to their social circle.

5. You don’t remember the last time when you had a meaningful conversation

Good communication is a key element to a good relationship. If all your conversations are shallow or non-existent, if you don’t share any of your hopes and dreams with your partner, you are probably not in a real relationship.

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