5 Secret Facts About Kissing!

5 Secret Facts About Kissing!

A first kiss, a kiss that wakes up Sleeping Beauty, a kiss to save Snow White from her death, a mother’s kiss on the forehead before sleep… kisses are what keep our hearts pumping. They are the most universal expression of love and affection.

There are so many forms of kissing as well, showing the different ways a person can love another person. Kissing is an intimate way of expressing passion and the most beautiful way to make someone feel special and worthy. Presenting today an interesting read for you – 5 secret facts about kissing that rarely any of you readers already knew.

  1. The authenticity of the French kiss:

Before the intimate and passionate kiss between two lovers celebrated as a “French kiss,” it was known as “maraichanage” – also a French name. This word has roots in Brittany, a region in France. The names were replaced after the First World War when American and British soldiers came back safe and sound from the war and the serving in France, welcomed by the passionate kiss from their partners at home.

2.  The Lengthiest Kiss:

A couple from Thailand holds the Guinness World Record for performing the longest, or, the lengthiest kiss in world history. They were kissing for exactly 58 hours, 35 minutes, and 58 seconds. The loving couple Ekkachai and Laksana Tiranarat broke the old record in 2013, and their record is still unbroken!

3.  Longest kiss recorded “on-screen”:

This movie kiss only lasts for about 3 minutes and 24 seconds and it is contained in the movie “Elena Undone,” recorded in 2010. The kiss is between two girls!

4.  Phobia of kissing:

As there are many phobias or things that people are commonly scared of, there’s also a fear of kissing! To be more exact, these people are afraid of "the idea of kissing." The fear itself is called “Philemaphobia,” and it originates from the Greek word “Philema” that means kissing. The fear generally stems from the fear of exchanging germs and other bacteria.

5.  Menstrual cycle can affect kissing!

Yes, you read this well! Because we are expressing passion and endorsing hormonal changes in our bodies, kissing while having menstruation can affect the process of kissing, especially how the kiss is expressed or felt from the woman’s side.

Studies show that this is “due to the alteration of hormonal levels in the body, which results in various functions being reworked, including the re-configuration of saliva.” Basically, this means that the partner "will taste and smell" a woman differently when she’s on her period!

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