5 Most Toxic Partners You Should Never Spend Your Life With

5 Most Toxic Partners You Should Never Spend Your Life With
1. The overly intelligent one

At the start of your marriage, you feel so lucky to have married a smart partner. But feeling proud of your partner doesn’t last long. Because of your intelligent spouse, it is obvious that his intelligence cannot match yours.

When your spouse shows off his or her intelligence before others, you cringe with uneasiness and embarrassment. When your spouse time and again wants to prove that he or she is way above you in intelligence and that you are some sort of a dimwit, you cannot bear it any longer.

2. Emotionally distant partner

It is natural that you want your spouse to care for you, to share your worries and to make you feel loved. But nothing of this sort happens in your relationship. You do not feel loved, cared and looked after in your married life.

Because your toxic partner is emotionally distant from you. You may feel very stressed and bogged down. But your emotionally distant partner doesn’t notice. Your spouse behaves so apart from you, that you feel that you are not at all important to him.

3. The negative and the pessimistic

Your spouse is so pessimistic and moody, that the toxicity he or she emits makes you feel suffocated and stifled in your relationship. Your negatives spouse does not see anything good in you or in his\her relationship with you.

Your pessimistic partner lowers your energy level by only talking about negative things. Dark words from your spouse depress and frustrate you.

4. Immature Partner

It is a harsh fact that you cannot manage all your family issues alone. You drastically need the moral support of your spouse, to handle the problems and issues that constantly crop into your family life.

It is because your spouse is so immature, that he or she behaves in an irresponsible behavior. Your immature spouse is not committed towards the family. Nor, is he or she bothered to contribute towards the financial commitments of your family.

Your immature spouse is also prone to temperamental tantrums. Many a time, you feel insulted when your toxically immature spouse displays raging anger right before the public view.

Your immature spouse does not have a stable job. Your spouse jumps from one job to another, because he or she is not interested in being successful.

You feel emotionally drained by the constant battle you face in your married life, when you are married to an immature spouse.

5. An abusive partner

This the worst toxic. This is because, when your spouse insults and insults, all the good things in your married life disappear.

Your partner says demeaning words with the intention of making you feel small. You can’t do anything on your own without your abusive partner causing the problem. Your toxic partner is also physically abusing you, leaving you constantly upset and hurt.

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