5 marital issues that are even worse than cheating

5 marital issues that are even worse than cheating

Chєαtíng is definitely one quick, big way to absolutely annihilate a relationship, but in fact there are plenty of other things that are much more potent when it comes to ruining even the strongest of bonds. In this article, we will tell you some things to watch out for.

1. Holding in feelings

While heavy conflict is exhausting in a relationship, none is usually a sign of distance and disengagement.

Where partners choose to not express and discuss their issues, the end of that relationship might just be getting closer than they thought. Where partners choose to not express and discuss their issues, the end of that relationship might just be getting closer than they thought.

2. Contacting Exes

Well, we aren’t saying it is completely a bad thing, but there are partners who become extremely secretive about this, and doing it a lot too often isn’t healthy for an ongoing relationship or marriage. Sometimes, this could even count as actively chєαting on your present partner.

This situation is one that many people face in modern society. Keeping in touch with an ex is a big issue and most times causes hitches among couples. So to keep the marriage or relationship going, it is best to stay away from exes no matter what your reason for keeping in touch is.

3. Too Much Concentration On TV And Phones

When partners choose always to watch TV or stay fixated with their phones at times when they should be talking or enjoying each other’s company, this could have a long-term damaging effect on the relationship. It is very important that shared time is really shared.

4. Alcoholism

In any relationship where a partner suffers this, there could be trouble because a drunk person isn’t ever in his right senses, and could do or say stuff with really damaging effects.

Now imagine that happening every day. Imagine the destructive effect it could have on your relationship. A person who engages in heavy drinking on a regular basis is prone to be faced with many emotional, physical and psychological challenges, which tend to be most fully expressed in their intimate relationships.

People with an alcohol problem usually have a very hard time maintaining healthy relationships because of their excessive alcohol intake.

5. Being married to a job

When your partner never calls, doesn’t reply calls or messages, is always away at work and seems always absorbed in work even when he’s at home with you, this poses a difficulty especially if you are married.

The implication of this is either that your partner is intentionally avoiding intimacy, or that there are issues in the relationship that they would rather stay away from, instead of facing them head on.

It could also be that partner’s nature or that a relationship with someone else has blossomed at work. Whichever of these is the case, it could be a problem that brings the marriage to its end.

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