5 Awesome Spots To Touch Your Woman To Build Attraction

5 Awesome Spots To Touch Your Woman To Build Attraction

1.Her shoulders

Shoulder massages promote muscle relaxation, so your wife may ask you to touch her shoulders. Women often experience a lot of pressure from household chores and daily tasks like work, leaving them feeling restless and exhausted when they come home. So, they expect you to massage their shoulders and help them release some of the stress they have accumulated.

2.Her scalp

The scalp is one of the best places to touch a woman. Loaded with nerve endings, massaging her head will help release oxytocin, a stress hormone that brings a sense of calm.

3.The back

Stroking the upper back is synonymous with support or comfort. Petting on the lower back will be interpreted by the woman as more sexual. If you want to offer comfort or show her that you care, it is best to stick to the upper back.

4.Her hands

Over time, holding another person’s hands has been a way to show different types of intimacy. By holding her hand in public, you are showing that you are not afraid to show your affection to the world.

5.Her neck

Her neck is the place to touch a girl to turn up the heat. While kissing on the lips is fantastic, the reality is that prolonged kissing on the lips can get a little tiring. You can introduce soft and varied kisses on her neck. Pay special attention to the back of her neck, which is a hot spot for most women.

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