4 signs she has slєpt with a lot of men without her opening up to you

4 signs she has slєpt with a lot of men without her opening up to you

If you’re looking for signs you’re not the only one she’s sleeping with, maybe your gut instinct is all you need. Check out these signs to devise a ᴘʀᴏᴍɪsᴄᴜᴏᴜs woman or how to tell if a woman has slept with a lot of guys without her opening up to you.

1. She is extremely good in bed

She takes charge and does all the job during intimacy. She gives in perfectly as you do watch in movies and ticks all your fantasies.

She starts with a cuddle, deep romantic kiss and finally does “that” with many positions that you’ve never experienced nor seen.

2. She expects too much from her partner

Due to her experience, a woman that has slept with many guys can quickly assess the extent of the potency of their new boyfriend.

They complain about your abilities and quickly call it to quit when you don’t satisfy their fantasies. It shows they have intimacy with a different set of guys and wish to explore those past times again.

They may not communicate it to you openly, but that can be guessed through their body language or texts.

3. She is super secretive

The guilty about her past life may want her to be a secretive person. If she has slept with many guys, she may ignore discussions centered around her past life or a particular aspect.

She would be secretive if she learned that you have an aversion for women with lots of body counts. She can try hard to distant you from those that she knew can easily make her past revealed to you.

Is she not introducing you to that her best friend you’ve seen their cute picture together? Is she still lying about some of her friends you’ve been disturbing her to meet? She thinks if you have a personal relationship with her distant relative and friend, her indiscreet past may be revealed and bring an abrupt end to the new relationship she is trying hard to grow with you.

Also, it is a good sign she has an indecent past if she doesn’t allow you into her phone or diary. If she always prioritizes her privacy, it means she might still be in communication with those men she used to have fun with.

4. She knows many guys

It becomes evident if those she knows and talks about always are the wayward and flirtatious type of guys.

She might have had affairs with them in the past if she kept talking about them and defended their flirty behavior at the interval.

It is a good sign if her social media is filled with the acclaimed guys she called ordinary friends.

And for her to be clingy to those guys still, it means they have shared some memories in which s+x may not be an exception considering their level of irresponsibility.

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