22 Signs He Is Secretly In Love With You

22 Signs He Is Secretly In Love With You

Dating is a piece of cake but when it comes to love things can get a bit tricky. Wondering if the guy you’ve been dating for the past month is in love with you? You see, some men aren’t that expressing their feelings, so trying to read a guy’s mind is next to impossible. Instead there a few signs to look out for if you really want to know how he feels about you. Now, you can try and force your boyfriend to tell you that he loves you but good would that do? Let him take his time to express his love, for men saying the three magical words aren’t just words. This is his way of assuring you that he is committed to you and only you.

For guys, saying “ I love you” for the first is a huge deal but beyond that compatibility, trust and mutual understanding is just as important. You want three special words that you’ve been aching to hear to mean something or else they are nothing more than just empty words. If your boyfriend or husband isn’t very vocal when it comes to expressing his feelings he might be putting trying to show you his true love in some other way! Maybe, you’re not paying any attention? Have no worries, I’m here to guide you on the unspoken signs ad gestures that prove your boo is actually head over heels for you.

He remembers what you say

When a guy is in love, he will pay attention to everything you say because he wants to get to know everything about you! Your life, experiences, problems, just everything and anything. You should also pay attention to the fact that, it’s quite easy for you to open up to him because he genuinely cares about what you have to say.

He’s a gentleman

Who said chivalry is dead? If he opens your door for you and pulls out your chair, you are one lucky girl. A man should always be a gentleman to his lady, but some guys are not. Why? Well, because they don’t care what you think about them or their behavior and most importantly he’s probably not that into you. Now, when a guy is chivalrous, he’s trying to show you that he cares for you and cares what you think of him as a person. Your perception of his behavior is very important to him.

He takes care of you and your needs

If your man is truly in love with you, he will always look for way to make your life even more better and comfortable. Whether it’s making you his Grandmother’s special soup when your sick, putting your phone on charge without you even mentioning or vacuuming the house while you do the dishes. It’s little things like this, that show you when your man actually cares about your well-being. What a keeper!

He talks about a future together

He always talks about his goals and plans for life, and you are always included in them. If expresses on building a future together then hold on to him. He’s a real one.

He holds your hand

This might seem like a very small gesture but if your man holds your hand every time you two are in public or, puts his hand on your back when your passing a busy street, it’s his way of trying to protect you and assure you that you’re safe with him. Seems like you’re in good hands.

He values your opinions

If your beau doesn’t make any important decisions in his life without discussing them with you first, it means he values your opinion and wants to make the right choice so it doesn’t effect your relationship in the long run. Just as he values your opinion, you should do the same. When your knows that you two are a team he’ll be able to say the “L” word you’ve been longing to hear, sooner than you think.

He wraps his hands around you

Jealousy in a relationship might not be such a bad thing. It keeps the men on their toes, which is a good thing! If he wraps his hands around you or pulls you closer to him when you’re at a party, it’s probably because he’s getting a little jealous over you talking to other guys and having a good time. This is his way of telling everyone that you’re his girl and they all need to back off.

He uses the words “we” and “us”

He uses the words “we and “us” instead of “I” or “me”. He’s trying to show you that no what you two are going to be in it together. Guys who aren’t interested in staying with their girl for a long time typically aren’t going to be saying “we” a lot, it’s all going to be “me”, “myself” and “I”.

He’s very protective

If you’re going somewhere alone or even just hanging out with your girls for ladies night, is he waiting for your call just to make sure that you made it safe? If you know your man can’t relax without you checking in and telling him you’re safe and sound no matter where you are, then girl, you know he loves you! Sometimes it might seem like he’s acting more like a parent than your boyfriend, it’s only because he’s protective of you and doesn’t want to see you get hurt. So, if he feels “iffy” about one of your friends, then you might want to listen to him.

He’s very interested in your life

If your man is in love with you, then he’s going to want to know everything about your day, and every detail. He probably won’t mind even a little bit of gossip, you’d be surprised at what juicy scoop he has to dish to you!

He’s always there to help

He never says no when you ask him to help you with something, even if he’s busy and you’re whining and throwing a tantrum. A man in love will put everything aside to help his lady out, even if it’s just to open a jar of pickles.

He makes up after a fight

No one likes arguing and fighting with their significant other, especially, if their ego gets in the way. After a fight if he makes up to you just as much as you do, then it shows he’s putting his ego aside just to fix things even if you’re in the wrong. Remember communication is everything and don’t let silly things get in the way of your relationship.

He keeps you updated

He keeps you up to date with everything in his life, and don’t be surprised if you get texts throughout the day, telling you what he’s doing, who he’s with, or where he’s going, even though you didn’t even ask him. He knows, he’s not obligated to tell you anything but just wants you to know that he’s thinking about you and wants to share everything with you.

He respects you

He respects you and the decisions you make. He also doesn’t look or check out other girls while you’re out with him in public. Another sign to look for is if he cuts you off during a conversation. A man who interrupts his woman during conversations, has no interest in what she has to say and clearly has no respect for her. There has to mutual respect if you expect your relationship to last.

You’re the first and last person he calls or texts

You’re the first person he calls or texts in the morning and the last one before he snoozes off. You’re also the first to receive a call if he gets any good news or if something is wrong.

He sacrifices his happiness

If your guy is in love with you he’ll be willing to make a lot of sacrifices just to make you happy. This could be as small as going to watch your pick of the movie or giving you the softer and fluffier pillow to sleep on, or as big as deciding not to take the promotion at work because It would mean transferring to another city and he can’t bear the thought of leaving you alone.

He puts in effort

He makes a lot of effort to keep you happy that included trying to win over your family and friends, He’s aware that if he doesn’t make a good impression on your friends and family, it might jeopardize your relationship. He also puts in a lot of thought in trying to make you feel special by organizing fun dates or trips, whether it’s picnic at the beach or getting tickets to your favorite band, he sure knows how to keep you guessing.

He can’t stay mad at you

He can’t stay mad at you for more than a few hours no matter how bad the fight was. When two people are in love they find it impossible to stay angry with each other and will put their problems on hold just to assure each other that everything is going to be alright. If he apologizes or accepts your apology, it means that he has put his pride and ego aside just for you.

He stands up for you

A man in love will always stand up for his girl no matter what! He stands by your side even if you’re in the wrong. He might give you a lecture once you get home but, in public you can count on him to have your back.

Making a choice

If it has to come to him making a choice between you or anything else, he always chooses you. Now, if that isn’t the greatest sign of someone in love than I don’t know what is! If your guy is always choosing you, whether it’s to stay home with you instead of going out with the guys or canceling some major plans because you weren’t invited, shows that you’re a priority in his life.

He always remembers your special days

He never forgets your birthday or anniversary and ever fails to make them even more special. He’s there to support you if you have a special event or a big day you need to prepare for. You don’t have to remind him twice because he knows how important they are to you.

His eyes are always on you at social gatherings

You’re the only girl he pays attention to when you’re out together, no matter what you’re always going to be the prettiest girl in his eyes.

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