15 Clear Signs Your Partner is Cheating on You

15 Clear Signs Your Partner is Cheating on You

Do you have a feeling your boyfriend, girlfriend, fiancée, fiancé, husband or wife is sleeping with someone else? If so, you should be aware of some warning signs. Below are 15 telltale signs to determine if you’re being cheated on.

To tell if your partner is cheating or not, you really need to listen to your guts because instincts don’t tell lies. Do you feel any change in his or her behaviour of recent? These signs can help you to either clear your doubt or confirm your suspicion.

1. They suddenly become too protective of their phones while their phone’s activities change.

2. Sudden Late Returns: they’re almost always home late from work or wherever they go.

3. They always rush to the shower as soon as they get back.

4. Sudden Increase or Decrease in S£x Drive: their libid0 either suddenly becomes high or low.

5. They’re no longer present or concentrating in bed like they used to.

6. They start paying too much attention to their appearance for no apparent reason.

7. They stop giving straight answers whenever they’re asked questions. They could even become so defensive when confronted about the sudden changes in their behaviour.

8. Reduction or Complete Loss of Intimacy: they stop being so close and open to you as before because their attention has drifted to someone else.

9. They’re always on top of your schedule. They want to know what time and when not you will be home because they don’t want to be caught unawares.

10. They suddenly start complaining of your performance in bed. In their minds, they’re already comparing your bedroom skills to that of their new found lover.

11. You start feeling ignored and unattended to because they spend lesser time with you compared to previous times.

12. They start avoiding your family and friends. They do this to avoid fallouts and feelings of guilt.

13. Things don’t add up with what they say and what actually happens. They keep lying to you in order to cover up things and avoid getting caught.

14. They avoid picking certain calls in your presence. And just when they finally do, they excuse themselves.

15. They start accusing you of cheating when confronted. They do this to take the focus off themselves and make you the culprit.

So Lovelies, here are the signs to know you’re being cheated on by your partner. And hey! If you feel you’re still not convinced, then give them the benefit of doubt. Call them, sit them down and have a real talk with them. That way, your mind would be cleared.

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