12 Signs He’s Not In Love With You

12 Signs He’s Not In Love With You

You want to know if he is in love with you or if you are just convenient. Then follow these signs. You will get your answers:

1.He never opens up emotionally

Without the pure feeling of love, you cannot open up to someone. Genuine guys only share their deepest emotions with someone they consider sharing their soul with.

2.He is only romantic when he wants to get something

If you are with a man who only cares about your satisfaction and shows little to no interest in your desires and needs as a woman, you should know that his love might not be genuine.

3.He is always talking about his ex

A man with no emotional connection to you might never get over his ex. He keeps her as a backup because he is unsure of himself. If your man constantly compares you to his ex or talks about her while with you, it means he never truly loves you.

4.Sometimes he feels like a stranger around you

You can never feel warmth and concern from someone who has no interest in your love and connection. If you feel disconnected from him, it might just be your physical presence keeping you around.

5.He doesn’t talk about the future

If your partner doesn't discuss future plans or how he envisions spending the rest of his life with you, it indicates that he doesn't see a future together.

6.He doesn’t apologize after a fight

If you have a disagreement with your man and he doesn't apologize or offer consolation, there's a problem. Pay attention to how misunderstandings are handled in your relationship.

7.He never seems to care about where the relationship is going

To him, the relationship might be just a game. He doesn’t seem to care about its direction or where it's headed. What other signs do you need?

8.He never seems concerned about you

He never tries to protect you or show care and love towards you. It's not his fault; he simply doesn't feel that way.

9.He’s never a priority

One of the biggest signs that he might not be in love with you, if not the biggest, is when he already has other plans and isn't willing to change them for you.

10.He never seems invested in the moment

During special moments, like arranging a candlelight dinner with extreme love, he doesn't even seem excited. You can feel the lack of enthusiasm.

11.You’ve never met his family

If he avoids introducing you to his family and offers flimsy excuses, there’s a problem. This is a strong indication that his love might not be genuine. You can even ask a male friend about it.

12.You just have a general bad feeling.

You never feel special around him, and deep down, you're aware of the signs indicating he's not truly in love with you. Yet, you struggle with that bad feeling. Trust your instincts and address your concerns honestly.

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