10 Signs You Are With The Wrong Man

10 Signs You Are With The Wrong Man

Are you in love with someone and there seem to be red flags or you aren’t sure if he is the wrong guy for you?

Here are 10 glaring signs you are in a wrong relationship

1. You don’t feel loved and cared for. You are the one showing love, care and support but you get little or nothing back in return from your partner.

2. You are in a relationship or marriage but you always feel alone. Your partner is always absent when you need them the most.

3. You don’t feel safe with the person you are dating or married to. You are not sure you can trust them to be there for you through life’s difficulties.

4. When your life gets hard because of challenges, this person makes it harder and doesn’t care about your well being.

5. When conflicts and life situations happen, you feel alone because this person doesn’t act like they support you or have your back.

6. You have been let down a lot and disappointed by this person many times that you feel you are alone.

7. You feel sad many times even when this person is around yet they won’t do anything to lift your mood.

8. When that person is emotionally unavailable when you need them and they are not present to comfort you or support you.

9. When the person you are in a relationship with doesn’t encourage and support your dreams, you are in a wrong relationship. You don’t feel like your partner believes in you or wants you to succeed.

10. When you are the one who is always giving more time, love, support, money encouragement. If you are the one making efforts to keep the relationship going, striving to keep the peace all the time, you are in a relationship with the wrong person.

Dear lady, if you are the one carrying the weight of the relationship and getting anxious about the relationship ending, you are with the wrong person.

You need to let them go. You need to end the relationship. You must know that you deserve love, care, attention, support and cheers from your partner. Choose better.

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