10 Signs He Isn’t Ready For A Relationship, Even If He Says He Is

10 Signs He Isn’t Ready For A Relationship, Even If He Says He Is

1.He doesn’t want to commit

If he doesn’t want to commit, even after months of being in a serious relationship, it’s clear that he has no intention of getting into a real commitment with you.

2.He doesn’t open up to you completely

If you don’t know his secrets (family, dreams, goals, fears), it means he’s not letting you in. When you really like someone, you are comfortable being vulnerable with them.

3.He makes empty promises

Dates that don’t materialize every time and plans that are rarely followed through on are another clear sign that he’s not taking the relationship seriously.

4.He doesn’t consider you his priority

For him, everything else comes first and takes top priority. If he only remembers you when he has nothing better to do, then you are just a source of entertainment for him.

5.He’s not there for you when you need him

Bad day at work or problems at home? If your man isn’t there to support you through the tough times, then he doesn’t consider the relationship serious. Trust us, you deserve someone who wants to be your rock.

6.He doesn’t include you in his plans for the future

Nowhere does he mention your role in his future. You are not part of his plans. All his plans are for himself and maybe his family, but never for you.

7.He is reluctant to have you meet his friends or family, or even mention you to them

If you’ve known him for a while without meeting any of his close friends, and he doesn’t mention you to his family, it means he’s not thinking about a long-term commitment with you.

8.He never makes up after a fight

You are always the first one to make up after a fight or argument. It doesn’t matter whose fault it is, you’re the first to let it go because you know that if you don’t, he never will. That’s because he’s not really serious about you and wouldn’t bother to admit his mistake.

9.He still talks to other people

If you’ve been dating for several weeks, or even months, and he’s still looking to connect with other people, it could be because he’s still “going through the motions” and isn’t ready to commit.

10.He disappears from time to time

If he disappears, comes and goes, or plays hot and cold, it means he’s not taking the relationship seriously and may have something else going on.

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